Zvelt Weight Loss Patch Reviews

zvelt fat loss patch

I do my best to eat healthy and exercise, but sometimes both these things just aren’t enough. It seems like I’m always struggling with the same fifteen pounds that come on and fall off. It’s frustrating, and I don’t always have the energy to go the extra mile and exercise more.

I’ve tried diet pills and supplements, but they’ve been problematic for me. I often forget to take the pills and when I do, I either get sick to my stomach or feel totally wired. I almost gave up when a personal trainer friend of mine told me about the Zvelt weight loss patch. I decided to give it a try, and I’ll tell you, I’m really liking this thing so far!

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How Zvelt Fat Loss Patch Works

Like other types of patches, you simply affix the patch to your skin and let its ingredients slowly enter your system. These ingredients are:

  • ForsLean® – helps to mobilize fat and stimulate the thyroid.
  • Cosmoperine® – enhances the delivery of the compounds from the patch to your body.
  • ChromeMate® – A patented form of Chromium Polynicotinate which is a mineral that helps the body to burn extra calories which of course leads to weight loss.

The ingredients are safe and effective; they don’ t have the negative side effects caused by the harsh stimulants or laxatives that make up some other weight loss products.

With appropriate diet and exercise, wearing Zvelt can give you more energy and help you lose weight.

I want to point out that Zvelt is not some sort of “Magic Bullet” product despite what some people (and even the advertisers) may claim. You do need to make an effort to actually lose weight if you want it to work. This includes cleaning up your diet and being more active. What Zvelt does is speeds up the process of weight loss for those that are actively trying to get in better shape.

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Here’s the commercial for Zvelt if you haven’t seen it yet and want to learn more about how it works:


My Personal Results

As a girl, I don’t like to talk much about my weight, but this review wouldn’t be complete without me giving my actual results. So about 3 months ago I was 175 pounds at 5’4″. While this isn’t terribly overweight, it’s certainly more than I would have liked to weigh and there were obvious parts of me (like my thighs and midsection) that were too flabby. It made me self-conscious to wear tighter clothing, or even worse, a bikini. This is the time I decided to finally do something about my weight problem.

The first thing I did was cleaned up my diet a bit and started on an exercise program. (The one I’ve been following and highly recommend is Focus T25. You have probably seen the commercials for it; it’s by the same guy that made Insanity and it only takes 25 minutes to complete which I love.)

After about a month in, I was seeing some results, but not as good as I expected. I had lost between 5-6 pounds which is decent, but it could have been better I thought.

That’s when I found out about Zvelt and decided to try it out along with doing Focus T25 and eating better.

The first thing I noticed was the increased energy I felt not only during the day, but during my workouts as well. I wasn’t dragging through the afternoon like I previously was and I actually looked forward to the workouts. This definitely kept me on track and motivated enough to stick with exercising. The great thing about this energy is it’s not the kind of stimulant that makes you all jittery like some diet pills or energy drinks to. It was more of a “clean” energy if that makes sense and there is no associated crash.

After the first month of Zvelt (so the second month into my new weight loss adventure), I was down a total of 17 pounds and weighed 158. So in that second month alone, I dropped 11-12 pounds which is twice as much as I did on just the exercise program and cleaner diet.

Today, after just finishing my 3rd month (2 months of Zvelt), my grand total of weight lost is 28 pounds (another 10-11 in the past month). This puts me at 147 and my old problem areas look a LOT better. My goal is to get down to about 130 and then try to maintain from there. I have no doubt that if I keep using Zvelt and stick to my program, I can get there within the next 2-3 months.

So is Zvelt 100% required to lose weight? Of course not. But in my experience, it definitely helped amplify my weight loss efforts that I was already trying. From only losing 5-6 pounds the first month without Zvelt to regularly losing 10+ pounds per month once I added it in is a big jump.

Is it some magic, gimmicky product? No. You can’t just stick it on, eat terribly and not work out and expect to lose weight. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy and will never be possible. It’s just not the way our bodies work.

I also want to point out that I still enjoy a lot of my favorite foods. I’m not on some crazy strict diet. I just try to make smarter choices like not eating out as much, not having as much junk food, drinking more water instead of soda, etc.

I would highly recommend you give Zvelt a try and if you’re looking for a good workout and nutrition program to accompany it, check out Focus T25. It only takes 25 minutes per day so even the busiest of people can fit it into their schedule. I work full-time and have 3 kids, and I can find time for it, so I know others can too.

Pros and Cons

Like all products, Zvelt has its good points and bad. Here are some things to consider when deciding to start your free trial:


  • Simple, straightforward ingredients are generally safe to use.
  • No pills to swallow or remember to take.
  • No stomach upset.
  • Small and discrete, nobody needs to know that you are wearing Zvelt.


  • You do have to remember to change the patch each day.
  • Only comes in one color, blue. This really isn’t a big deal unless you frequently go swimming or have your arms exposed since it will stand out on your skin.

Where to Buy Zvelt

Zvelt is not available in stores, so you will want to get your Zvelt patch online from the official website. You’ll get a FREE two week trial (you pay shipping and handling) of the patch, so you don’t have to worry about losing money. Plus, there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

Final Recommendation

Let’s face it: There are no miracle remedies for being overweight. But you can make things easier on yourself by using Zvelt. You can have more energy and you don’t need to remember to take pills. Give it a try. With the free trial and money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose except those extra pounds!

Check out the offical Zvelt Weight Loss Patch website

Do Weight Loss Patches Work? Learn More Here

zveltLosing weight is a problem millions of people across the globe have to contend with. Not only does being overweight pose health risks, it also negatively affects a person’s self esteem and even careers. There are many ways of losing weight including working out, dieting, pills and, weight loss patches. Weight loss patches are a great way for the career person to lose weight as they don’t rely on your ability to keep track of your diet or keep a schedule.

What are weight loss patches?

As the name suggests, these are items which are attached to the human body via a special adhesive. Their main goal is to help the weight loss enthusiast lose weight by delivering active ingredients which help the body burn excess body fat.

Do weight loss patches work?

Weight loss patches have been proven to work. A good example is the Zvelt weight loss patch which incorporates four main ingredients. These patches work by delivering the active ingredients through the skin. The ingredients are absorbed into the bloodstream and distributed to different parts of the body. After absorption, the ingredients help the body lose excess fat in different ways.

How do weight loss patches compare to other weight loss methods?

Some of the reasons why weight loss patches are recommended and popular today include the following:

- They are non intrusive like liposuction and surgery. This means that they are comfortable and don’t cause pain or scarring on the body.
- Majority of weight loss patches allow users to eat what they like (within reason of course). The active ingredients ensure that fat burning is at its peak even if you cheat on your diet once in a while.
- The weight loss patch is extremely simple to use. All you need to do is attach the patch and go on with your daily
schedule. No remembering to take pills or anything.
- Majority of weight loss patches are quite affordable as compared to pills.
- Majority of weight loss patches aren’t prescription based.

How do weight loss patch ingredients work?

Each weight loss patch comes with its own combination of ingredients. The best patches include natural ingredients. The Zvelt weight loss patch combines natural ingredients which help the weight loss enthusiast lose weight by:

- Stimulating the thyroid glands to release hormones responsible for fat burning.
- Reducing appetite.
- Actively burning excess body fat.
- Increasing body energy levels.

Why the Zvelt weight loss patch?

Some of the reasons why the Zvelt weight loss patch is recommended as the best include the following:

- It includes natural ingredients which are safe to use.
- It has been clinically proven to work with no side effects.
- It comes with a free trial and money back guarantee.

Overall, the answer to the question “do weight loss patches work?” is simply yes! The patches are backed with scientific evidence and, are quite affordable and safe as compared to other weight loss methods.

Weight Loss Patch Reviews: Which is the Best One?

If something seems too good to be true, is it? Not necessarily. The new weight loss patches on the market are a case in point. In the past, weight loss patches have gotten a bad review, however there is new exciting technology and some breakthrough ingredients in the newer products available to consumers.

Many people are not able or don’t want to take oral dietary supplements. Others have trouble remembering to take anything on a regular basis. That is the beauty of weight loss patches. They can be put on the body, usually the upper arm, and left for up to 24 hours. After that time, the patch is removed and a new one is placed on the arm.

The ingredients enter the body trans-dermally, or through the skin. This allows a slow, even release throughout the day. This method has been used for many years for smoking cessation, hormone replacement and birth control and has proven to be effective.

One of the concerns about giving medications trans-dermally is the fact that heavier people tend to absorb the ingredients more slowly than thin people. Zvelt is a weight loss patch that has been successful in overcoming this problem by including Cosmoperine as an ingredient. Cosmoperine comes from the peppercorn plant and is known as a penetration enhancer, therefore allowing the body to absorb the active ingredients more easily.

Zvelt Fat Loss Patches also provide Guarana, known for spiking metabolism, and Chromemate, which regulates blood sugar. These combined all-natural ingredients gently stimulate the body and gives the user more energy and less food cravings.

Weight loss patches can be used daily and are not a diet, however they can be even more effective if combined with a healthy eating plan and regular exercise. They can be purchased either online or in stores and average around $30-$50 for a box of 30 patches. If a consumer uses one patch per day as directed, this effective and easy weight loss product can be used for as low as $1 per day. That is much less expensive than most weight loss programs.

As with any medication, weight loss patches should be used with caution, and one should be realistic about expected results. However, if you or someone you know wants to lose some weight and/or fat but do not want to take dietary supplements every few hours or spend hundreds of dollars per month on food plans, weight loss patches may be just the miracle you’ve been waiting for.

Our favorite one of course is the new Zvelt weight loss patch. It’s got the best consumer reviews online and is the most effective.

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Get a Free Trial of the Zvelt Fat Loss Patch

Losing unwanted body fat can be a challenging task. There are many effective ways to do this, but for the weight loss enthusiast who isn’t seeing good enough results by just dieting or working out, or doesn’t like taking pills, weight loss patches are the best way to help shed off some fat. Enter the Zvelt fat loss patch.

What is the Zvelt Fat Loss Patch?

This is a revolutionary fat loss patch that combines four natural active ingredients to help you lose weight safely. The ingredients include ForsLean, Guarana, Cosmoperine and ChromeMate. These natural ingredients have been clinically tested and proven to help the body burn calories by:

- Increasing energy levels

- Appetite suppression

- Burn fat while preserving lean muscle

- Stimulating thyroid glands for effective fat burning

How does Zvelt work?

This fat loss patch works by transmitting the active ingredients through the skin. You don’t have to take any pills or go on a crazy diet. The best thing about this patch is that you simply stick it onto the skin and focus on your daily activities.

Its design includes a soft Volara fabric that stretches as you move. This provides maximum comfort. It also comes with a special adhesive that doesn’t harm the skin and comes off painlessly.

The Zvelt Fat Loss Patch Free Trial

This patch is backed by years of research and testing. Clinical studies have found that it’s effective in helping both men and women lose fat fast. The Zvelt fat loss patch manufacturer is so confident about their product that they offer the Zvelt fat loss patch free trial.

How does the free trial work?

As a new Zvelt user, you only have to pay for shipping and handling. That is, you get a 2 week supply of Zvelt patches for free and all you have to do is pay for shipping. After the trial period expires, you now start paying for the Zvelt patches, or cancel if you aren’t satisfied.

Besides the fat loss patch free trial, Zvelt also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with the product as far as your weight loss goals are concerned, you simply send any opened and unopened boxes and ask for a refund. You’ll get your money back minus the shipping and handling fees.

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Why Zvelt?

There are three main reasons why you should try the Zvelt fat loss patch:

1. It uses safe natural ingredients to help the body burn fat.

2. It is clinically proven to work.

3. You can try it out for free through the Zvelt fat loss free trial for 2 weeks.

A Look at the Zvelt Weight Loss Patch

The Zvelt Weight Loss Patch offers one of the most effective ways to lose excessive weight. The product works for all people regardless of age, race, sex or religion. One thing we do need to mention is with this weight loss solution, cleaning up your diet and staying active will make it work much more effectively. This is not a “magic bullet” product and there will be some effort required on your part to make it work.

First, let’s check out the pros:


1. Unlike other weight loss products and programs that are hard to follow, Zvelt is indeed one of the simplest products to use. Simply peel and stick the patch on your body

2. Zvelt makes you feel energetic and alive

3. Zvelt reduces your appetite and this makes you eat less thus effectively reducing your weight in an effective manner

4. Zvelt is one of the most effective weight loss products available for men or women.

General Info About the Zvelt Weight Loss Patch

It is made of a soft material that fits perfectly with any of your clothes. It feels good on your body and does not cause any discomfort. Even better you can remove it without experiencing any pain.

You can put on a new patch on a daily basis, this makes it very hygienic to use.

Zvelt is manufactured using high quality ingredients which have been researched over a long period of time. It has been tested over time and it is known to work well without any side effects. It has helped many people across the world to shed off excessive weight. For this reason, many people from all walks of life prefer to use Zvelt to attain their health and fitness goals.

How to use Zvelt in three easy steps:

1. Clean and use a towel to dry the area you would like to attach the patch.

2. Peel off the Zvelt patch from its packaging and use the adhesive to stick it to your body.

3. Change the patch after a period of 24 hours and put on a new patch.

Please not that you should stick the patch in areas with lean muscles such as the shoulder or the biceps. Many people have used the product and are happy with the results, as a matter of fact they have gone a step further and recommended the product to friends, family and colleagues.

After using the Zvelt Weight Loss Patch and losing excessive weight, you will feel younger and enjoy high levels of self esteem. This will make you happy and make you look more attractive.

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